This book magically appeared on my doorstep compliments of my good buddy, Corinne, who knew that big changes were afoot and I might need a little back-up. If you're looking for that final push to make the changes you know you need to in your life, check this book out. It will remind you how supported you really are. (They also offer a cool deck of cards you can pull for inspo when you're looking for a bit of in-the-moment guidance.)


If you find yourself in a moment where you need to be reminded that difficult times ultimately lead to the greatest growth and most profound gifts, treat yourself to a walk and listen to this podcast by the author of When Things Fall Apart. (And, while you're at it, curl up with this incredible book, too!)


Cleanse: Yerba Santa Smudge Sticks

If you're reading this blog, chances are you're already in the loop with sage smudge sticks. I love a good sage smudge, but I recently discovered Yerba Santa smudge sticks as an alternative. For me, the draw to Yerba Santa is that it's a bit more specific than sage, which is great for general clearing and cleansing. Yerba Santa (or the "Holy Herb") is more specificly used as a means of protection and boundary setting. It's also associated with bringing in more love, purification, growth, empowerment, and beauty, as well as for releasing emotional pain stored in the heart chakra. Maybe this all sounds a bit woo-woo to you, but you may find there is some value simply in the ritual of symbolically setting boundaries and clearing emotional pain. 

Manifest: Prayer Box

I got this idea from Gabby Bernstein's aforementioned The Universe Has Your Back, and I really love it. The idea here is to get a little box and use it to store handwritten notes that serve as intentions or prayers. This may include things you want to attract, release, or, really, anything at all. The idea is to write it down, put it in the box, leave it there for a week, then burn the piece of paper to signify giving it up to the universe. Note that while there are never any "rules" in spiritual matters, the idea here is to only write each thing down once because by "giving it away" to the universe, you are signifying your trust that your prayer will be taken care of. I sprinkled my box with frankincense and peppermint essential oils. Frankincense has been used since ancient times as a spiritual anointment/offering, and peppermint serves as a great refresher. I also do a little meditation when I place my prayer or intention in my prayer box.