Use this Mental Hack to Stick with Your Goals

Photo by  sydney Rae

Photo by sydney Rae

As I look toward the new year upon us, it has struck me how much easier it is to confirm rather than affirm. Here's what I mean: You know that voice that pops into your head the first time you "fail" at your New Year's goal or resolution? It starts chattering away the first day you don't go to they gym or skip writing in your journal, or eat ice cream for dessert (or, even better, for dinner!). And it's not just any voice; it's a loud, insidious, taunting voice that says, "I knew you'd fail. Now it's all over."

We make the mistake of listening to that voice and throwing our hands up in the air, admitting defeat before we've even really begun to try. And, lemme tell you, I don't think we've actually truly begun to try any new endeavor until the moment we actually hear that voice. Before that point, we're just sort of being pushed forward by the velocity that comes with most novel ideas or activities. Once that voice comes, we finally know we're in it.

Here's my question for you: Who says that voice is the Boss of You? No one, that's who. You are the only person who can confirm power upon that voice. And that's precisely what you do the moment you listen to it and say, "You're right. I suck. I give up."

So, this year, instead of confirming the negative voices in your head, how about instead affirming your own commitment and power by bringing a new voice into the mix? The gentle voice that says, "Hey! You got this." As time goes by and you give this affirmative voice more and more room to speak and be heard, I'm willing to bet it will grow louder and more automated. 

The next time that voice of doubt creeps in, talk back to it with an affirmation. This affirmation can be whatever resonates with you, as long as it's positive.

When the negative voices tell you you're weak, respond with, "I am strong."

When the negative voices tell you you should just give up, tell them, "I am a person who perseveres."

When the negative voices tell you it's too hard, tell them, "I am worth it."

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