Forget About Being a New You--Instead, Be More You

Photo by  Adam Jang

Photo by Adam Jang

How many times this week have you seen the hashtag #newyearnewyou? Sure, it's a cliche, and a phrase that's been around way longer than hashtags have. And who doesn't love a crisp, clean fresh slate, whether it's on January 1 or a random Tuesday in April? 

But there's an implication in this whole new-year-new-you thing that's easy to miss just because the saying is so culturally engrained. It implies there's something wrong with the old you--that there's something that needs to be fixed or that's not good enough. I'm here to tell you that's simply not the case.

So, this year, instead of thinking about all the things we're doing "wrong" or all the ways we're wrong or not good enough, how about instead thinking about this fresh slate--whether it's at the New Year or any day of the year--as an opportunity to refine ourselves? And not to refine ourselves in such a way that will make us more palatable or attractive to or accepted by others, but in a way that makes us happier. That brings us closer to our dreams. That brings us more joy. 

As you enter 2018, instead of thinking about how you can be a new you, I challenge you to think about how you can be even more you. What little thing can you do to refine and realign yourself into the you-est you you've ever been? (Can you tell I've been reading my daughter a lot of Dr. Seuss lately?)

Here's to a happy new year, and an even happier version of yourself.

Let me know how you're refining and realigning in the comments below. And if you're looking for a little more motivation to keep on keeping on as 2018 kicks in, check out this hack for sticking with your New Year's intentions.