At this point, there are a few meditation apps out there, but Insight Timer is my favorite. Set a meditation timer for as long as short as you choose (with the option to turn on background white noise), listen to a huge selection of guided meditations, and enjoy being part of a virtual meditation community!

Organize: Kate Spade 2018 Planner

I feel better when I'm organized. And one of my nerdy little habits is staying organized with a hard copy planner/organizer. Sure, I've got my iCal, but I love having a written version of my schedule and a place to keep notes, too. When I stumbled across this awesome Kate Spade planner, I figured it would be way out of my budget. To my delight, I nabbed it for $20! Online pictures don't do this baby justice. It's chunky, adorable, and features monthly dividers, room for notes, a laminate holder for bills, etc., and even stickers!


Watch: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

I'm definitely not going to sit here and tell you that watching TV is the best use of your time or your brain power. Of course I'm not. But, at least for me, sometimes a show binge is precisely the reprieve my brain needs. It allows me to mentally shut down at the end of the day in ways that other mediums just don't. Recently, the show I've been using to do that is Amazon's The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. It's sort of like a sweet version of Mad Men, but from a woman's perspective and with a certain almost musical quality about it (even though it's not a musical). The main character, Midge Maisel, is quirky, endearing, and an ass-kicker.

After someone attempted to break into my house, I found myself struggling with anxiety--especially when bed time rolled around. While I've taken Xanax for anxiety in the past on a very irregular basis (such as plane flights and when I can feel a panic attack setting in), it's not something I wanted to get into the regular habit of. 

I decided to give CBD a try, and this tea is a miracle. I drink it for bed and feel somehow sleepy yet focused. I sleep like a baby, and don't deal with grogginess in the morning. This is the best product I've found in a while, and an anxiety-killing miracle.