I don't always want to get on my mat, but literally every. single. time. I do, I feel better. Getting to an actual studio is harder than ever, though, so instead I've been doing YogaGlo classes from the comfort of my home. All the classes you can eat for $18/month. Not too shabby, especially when you consider a monthly studio membership is $120 on average. I'm particularly digging their Programs options, which allows you to take a series of classes on a particular theme or topic. A couple of my favorites are: Elena Brower's 4-week Self-Care for Women: Practices for Resilience and Grace program and Chelsey Korus' Two Weeks to Your Strongest Core.

move: 9Round

Yoga is my go-to exercise. But after giving birth to Izzy, I knew I needed to mix things up, so I tried out 9Round. And, lemme tell you, it is ass. kicking. But I always feel like a million bucks when I walk out of there. The way it works is that there are nine stations that you rotate through for three minutes each. They mix up the routine at each station every day, but there's always warm up cardio, bag punching, and core work. They also monitor your heart rate and track your progress as you go so that you know if you're in the fat-burning zone. Their tagline is "Fitness that Empowers," and it's true.


sense: Lush Sleepy

In all fairness, I have to say that when I drop into bed at this point in my life, I'm generally passed out in about two minutes. However, I still love rubbing on a bit of Lush's Sleepy lotion before snoozing for a sort of end-of-day ritual. And because, you know, smelling lavender just makes me happy. This stuff smells delicious! (P.S. The sales gal told me this was a limited edition, so it may or may not be available.)

Polish: Revlon Salon One-Step Hair Dryer

Until now, any Good Hair Days I've had in my life have happened completely by accident. Until I found out about this miracle product. It's a round brush/hair dryer that, in approximately five minutes' time, transforms my frizzy locks into a smooth, polished 'do. Best of all: it requires no level of skill whatsoever. I love it so much, I wrote an entire blog about it. Almost $60, but well worth it, if you ask me.



Polish: Ipsy

Very rarely these days to I wear real make-up. I mean, I might throw on some mascara and a bit of lip gloss or balm as a nod to civilized society, but that's about it. Despite that, a couple of years ago, I found out about Ipsy, which sends out sample sizes of five make-up items per month, ranging from creams to concealer to eyeshadow to lipstick, and lots of stuff in between. I love it because: 1) the pink padded envelope is fun to receive and 2) when I do have cause to get done up, I have lots of fun selections right on hand. Best of all, you customize your profile so that you get a sampling that appeals to you. $9.99 / month

Rise n' Shine: Sunrise Alarm Clock

There is no sound I hate more than a blaring alarm clock. Yet, for as much as I hate the sound, I have a bad habit of forcing myself to listen to it ad nauseam by hitting the snooze button approximately fifty-three times.

This alarm clock has been a game-changer for me. A light that mimics a sunrise slowly fades in over the course of a half hour before wake-up time. As an added bonus, you can set a variety of soothing sounds, including everything from music to chirping birds (my fave). It also has a feature that allows you to  use the light in reverse, so that it dims slowly over time . I used this feature a lot to get my daughter to bed. 

I'll probably never like mornings. But I do love getting up early to make time for myself. And this is, by far, the best, most non-abrasive way I've found to do it.